A COMPLETED fan-fiction continuation/spin-off of the LOST tv series universe.


Adversary – Episode Five

LOST:Adversary (prequel) Mini-series FINALE.

“The Leap”

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Adversary – Episode Four

LOST: Adversary (prequel) – Episode Four (Penultimate episode)

“The Worst of the Worst”

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Adversary – Episode Three

LOST:Adversary (prequel) Episode Three.

“Tug of War”

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Adversary – Episode Two

LOST:Adversary (prequel) Part 2 of a 2 part ‘premiere’.

“One is Light. One is Dark” – Part Two

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Adversary – Episode One

LOST:Adversary (prequel) Part 1 of a 2 part ‘premiere’.

“One is Light. One is Dark” – Part One

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What is LOST: Adversary?

LOST:Adversary is a five episode prequel miniseries and an attempt at a Lindelof-styled prequel in the spirit of Prometheus.

That is to say, the intention of this prequel is not to just walk us up to the ‘present’ (of the original series) and leave it there but to also introduce something new that is directly related and firmly inside of the LOST universe. Several things are quite familiar and some things are new (but everything is intended to be absolutely within the spirit of the original series).

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE READ ‘THE OTHER GENERATION’ to read and enjoy this series. It is a stand alone companion to the original series. With that said, the entire purpose of writing this was to set up the sequel to The Other Generation. So hopefully if new readers enjoy it, they’ll go back and check out The Other Generation.

Episode Nineteen – “Angels of Light – Part Two”


Two time periods, over two thousand years apart.

Part Two of Two-part Series Finale.

LTOG Episode Nineteen – “Angels of Light – Part Two”


Episode Eighteen – “Angels of Light – Part One”

Fallen Angel

Two time periods, over two thousand years apart.

Part One of Two-part Series Finale

LTOG Episode Eighteen – “Angels of Light – Part One”

Episode Seventeen – “Entanglement”


The Penultimate Episode

Like most episodes that precede the finales, this is meant to convey confusion, excitement and ultimately to set the table for the ‘endgame’.

LTOG Episode Seventeen – “Entanglement”

Episode Sixteen – “Across The Universe”


August 4th – Post Impact
Currently The Island is in grave peril.
But we also pay an extended visit to the far future and the far past.
First there was Across The Sea and now there is Across the Universe.

LTOG Episode Sixteen – “Across The Universe”